The tree in the street near your house is more likely to thrive with your help. Yet many of us feel that we either don't know what to do, or maybe that we aren't supposed to. 

The benefits to us of street trees are enormous, whilst the care they require is low. But not zero. If fact, the number one cause of tree mortality for street trees in England is lack of water. Yet the solution is so very simple. Together with neighbours, it does not take much to water the tree weekly. Just a couple of large watering cans a week will do the job, doubling or trebling that in dry spells. For that small effort, we get greener, cooler, calmer, healthier places to live.

There are about eight people living in the borough for each of the public trees - even more if you just consider the street trees. Between us all, we should be able to make sure they are well cared for - to our shared benefit.

If you want to get involved, all help is very welcome.

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c/o Habitats & Heritage. 13 Rossly Road (E.T.N.A Community Centre)